The Normalization of Trauma Symptoms Remote Video Course

Are you a registered professional counsellor-psychologist-social worker EMDR Therapist?

Do you feel like you are burning out?

High drop out from clients suffering from complex trauma?

Fed up with clients who pathologize themselves from the medical model?

Say they are “broken.”

Feel hopeless.

Want to be able to help but simply cannot normalize what the client is experiencing?

Do not have time to study the neurobiology of trauma?

Went into this field because it was meaningful work, yet starting to feel as powerless as your clients?

Can’t find the  EMDR cognitive interweave because you do not understand the basics of trauma theory?

Let’s face it. What we need to know for our clients is not taught very well, if at all in grad school.

I am willing to offer you a one time only situation where you can become a part of an exciting founder group. This means you will be offered one module of your choice for the low price of 350.00 CAN dollars. In order to take advantage of the requirement all  I ask of you is to be able to give me feedback once you have completed the module.  Let me know what you liked – what you wanted to hear more about -less about.

Once live, the entire course will be priced at  500.00 per module and will not be sold as separate modules so this is a rare opportunity.

If you want to know more about the course please sign up for my  FREE webinar. August 16th 9:00am