Whadda Ya Do With an Outdated Ego State that Has an Attitude?

Complex PTSD: Recovery and Beyond

I have found Ego State Therapy to be extremely useful in my healing process because this modality enables me to conceptualize the inner workings of my psyche.  If I think of my psyche as a place in which all the parts of my personality (ego states) dwell, and if I see these parts of my personality as “people” who interact with one another, then I am able to interact with these parts to bring about peace and, eventually, change.  One of the big players in my psyche’s cast of characters is the part that I call Cowboy. 

Although Cowboy is a girl, she displays some qualities normally attributed to males–toughness, assertiveness that sometimes borders on aggressiveness, and pride in her ability to protect my psyche from “varmints” and nasty critters that might want to hurt me.  Yes, Cowboy has existed for a long time, at least I have been aware of…

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