Dual Awareness

There are some ways to practice dual awareness ~ I teach them privately to clients.
Dual Awareness can be used for flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

What is Dual Awareness?
It is the process of being able to pay attention to one or more experiences simultaneously.
When you have a flashback, you have one metaphorical foot in the past

and if you are practicing dual awareness, the other foot in the present.

Dual awareness helps contain overwhelming feelings, thoughts and body sensations. Dual awareness is about developing an observing self, while we are having an experience of something, even when that experience is of a traumatic memory.

We are literally in two realities at the same time.

The best way to practice dual awareness is to think of a mildly distressing event while noticing your body sensations, emotions, and thoughts and at the same time, noticing where you are, by observing something in your space. This could be a picture in your space, the colour of your pants, or your shoes. You could notice the sensation of your feet in your shoes on the ground. You can also acknowledge what the date and time is as well as your name and dob while observing that you are no longer experiencing the distressing event. You may need to do this several times before the distressing sensations and emotions dissipate.

Crystal Arber CC 2013

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