PTSD – External Resources

External Resources to help with PTSD


Exercise = Empowerment.

30 mins daily without stopping walking~ running~ biking~ swimmimg.


If you abuse substances or alcohol consider reducing and then stopping all together if you want to continue on with trauma therapy.




They ground you.
Spend time with your pet.

Eating regular meals, at least 3 that include fresh food veggies and fruits. Reduce all boxed items and reduce junk food. Treats are fine once in a while.

Go to bed at the same time daily
Get up at the same time daily
Don’t over sleep. Don’t under sleep. 6 to 8 hours is considered normal.
Consider Dual Awareness for nightmares.
Get electronics out of the bedroom. They keep you awake.
Phones should be turned to airplane mode

Crystal’s/stones/ peicies of earth/wood. These keep us grounded and are excellent for dual awareness exercises.

12 step program.



Friends in recovery from a 12 step program.

Friends who reciprocate nurturing relationship.

Family members who support and love you.


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