Anchoring with stones~



Pick a stone small enough that you can carry it with you.

Calm yourself and breathe from  your diaphragm. When  you are calm and  breathing deeply from  your diaphragm  you should see your lower abdomen moving gently in and out.  Preferably you are sitting up right,  feet on the floor, and hands rested on your lap.

Think of a happy memory in your adult hood. This is a memory that is not connected to anything negative. It is a memory where you feel joy and happiness. This is memory should be a time when you were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and a time when you felt really good about yourself. Sometimes people choose a past  memory that is connected to a partner that is connected to grief and loss. Choose a different memory that is not connected to grief or loss. Simply a memory that invokes good feelings and happy emotion.

While thinking about this memory in adulthood, be aware of what you are telling yourself. What emotion are you feeling? Happy, excited, calm, joy? What internal sensations are you noticing in your body? Do you feel warm? Do you feel tingling?  Where in your body do you feel this? Is it in your arms, legs thighs or head?  After a few minutes of noticing, pick up your stone and hold it in your hand while continuing to think about this happy memory.  If a negative memory comes in stop the exercise and put down the stone.  After a min or so put the stone down .

Think about a mildly irritating event.   Think about it for a min or so. Notice what you are feeling in your body. What do you notice in your body? What sensations? Is your heart beating faster? Do you notice other sensations?

Now pick up your stone and return to the happy memory. Did you go back to the calmness? Did you notice a difference between the irritating event and the calmness in your body? Yes. Good.  If not continue to go back and forth until you can move quicker to the calm state with your stone.

Continue to go back and forth until the stone and the happy memory is connected.

Carry the stone with you and feel it throughout the day. You will find that you will return to this happy memory each time you feel your stone.


Crystal Arber CC 2014

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