PTSD Treatment- Trauma Counselling


Do you wish you could leave the past in the past? Some days you feel numb. You know you over react sometimes, but don’t know why? You, avoid certain places, to prevent feeling distress. You react strongly to crowds loud and unpredictable noise. You wish you could be more available to your family and kids? You have recurring dreams, nightmares with the same themes that represent something terrible you experienced. You wish you could sleep again. You may have experienced sexual assault, physical or child abuse, car accident, ongoing childhood trauma, or have experienced operational stress injuries as a First Responder. I work with youth, adults, couples and families.

After working with me you will feel, stable, confident to socialize again. With the past in the past and more energy, you can focus on future goals. You will Sleep better, feel better about yourself, have good boundaries, able to draw on skills to cope with distress and maintain happy relationships.
I am so excited about the latest research on how trauma creates predictable symptoms that can be treated, that I facilitate educational groups on PTSD, teach a course on it, and treat it. EMDR is endorsed by the world health authority as one of the top modalities for treating trauma.

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