having a bad day ~ nurture your little self~


Call on your wonder woman, wonder man. Call on your protector  part of self or your nurturing part of self.

Self soothe.  Breathe.

Practice mindfulness.  Focus on your breath.

Distract yourself.  Practice a pleasure activity.

Be with a friend.  Pray.

Spend time with a pet.  Color.

Focus on your goals.

Do one thing that you can master then reward yourself.

Make a beautiful dinner for yourself.

Practice dual awareness for intrusive thoughts.

Ground.  Practice Progressive Relaxation.

Practice butterfly hug while imagining a happy memory.

Light incense. Bake some cookies.  Put some peppermint on your skin.

Use white flower.

Use Rescue Remedy.

Make a vision board.

Walk a dog

Volunteer to help a dog.

Go for a walk.

Sit in a community garden.

Volunteer to help someone

Shower with your favorite smelling soap.

Bake something easy and then enjoy it or share it.


Paint something.

Wrap yourself in a blanket.


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