il_570xN.283032413Holidays are difficult for most people, never mind those of  us who do not share the warm and fuzzy with family, or once did, but for whatever reason, don’t now.  There are things you can do to make this time easier.

A) Volunteer anywhere. Reaching out is the best way to forget about your problems and focus on others who may have it worse than you.  Lots of organizations need help. Salvation Army. Recovery Club. AA dinner and dance. Alano Club dinner and dance, or just the dinner.

B) Surround yourself with friends in recovery. If you go to meetings go to an extra amount during the holidays. This can be a good holiday when you surround yourself with those who understand exactly where you are.

C) Limit visits with family that may trigger you. Set a time limit and have a plan to exit when that time is up. Maybe you arrange to be picked up by a friend or you have prearranged an event that you need to attend.

D) There are lots and lots of activities, dances, and dinners at the Recovery club, Alano clubs, and various other organizations in the city. Set your calendar to  attend at least  a couple of events so that you can say you did something and you were not alone.

E) Isolation keeps us unwell. Surround yourself with people, even if you do not know them ( meetings). It makes a difference and keeps depression at bay.

When all else fails .. Laugh! Watch this clip by Jim Carrey!

My favorite movie that I watched one Christmas was  Stuart Smalley Saves his Family

Here is a video clip of the trailer.


If you are in recovery you will especially love this movie!

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