brain pathways~

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The brain has many pathways. When we come from a family of origin where there was lots of chaos, and negativity, a pathway of negativity  is formed. It takes approximately ten thousand or more times for a pathway to be formed. We need to spend as much time in growing our selves up, by balancing our brains negative pathway with a new  positive pathway.

If we think of the brain as a forest we can imagine one formed path and another part of the forest without a path. If we think of ourselves as warriors of healing, we can then imagine a bush knife. Imagine hacking through that forest with your knife creating a new pathway. How do we create that pathway? We can do this through positive reinforcement. Put simply, the best way to do this is to experience pleasure activities. Participating in pleasurable activities on a regular basis creates a new pathway in the brain and continuing to participate in new pleasurable activities on a regular basis, reinforces this new pathway. In other words, we now know that the brain has plasticity. We just need to help it change, and grow in new ways.

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