Pets – PTSD

PTSD – Pets

Pets can and will heal your nervous system, spirit and attachment wounds. Through their unconditional and devoted love they role model peace, and calmness. Many times I had the pleasure of listening to my kitty purr away while I was grieving or feeling overwhelmed. The responsibility of caring for her helped me grow, stay still long enough to feel (without running from self) as well as gave me confidence to conquer the big scary world out there. My kitty  certainly taught me how to calm down, stay grounded and persevere one day at a time. I did not know what a home was until I created one for her then I slowly learned how to create a home for me. It’s these small things that are actually so terribly important in healing. Consistency, structure, are key principles in healing from trauma. Pets force us to be consistent. We need to consistently return to our home base to feed them, love them, take care of them. We create structure for their safety and inevitably benefit from structure and consistency in our own lives. What ever attachment wounds from our past somehow are healed in the relationship with our pet because we understand that they will always be there, at least until the end of their life. Even then, we learn how to let go with gratitude. 4271_105879746600_4961359_n

Rest in Peace Oriella~

may you rest with your sister who for some reason greeted you with a sock in the nose.

I bet she doesn’t do that now .. now that there is no need for jealousy.

Crystal Arber  CC 2016

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