Dissociation & Naltrexone

Dissociation and Trauma

Naltrexone and Dissociation.

What is Naltrexone and how can it help me?  For some who may be struggling with complex PTSD symptoms and  acute dissociative symptoms ( DDNOS DID),  naltrexone prescribed in  low doses can be beneficial for processing traumatic events.  Research has been able to show good results with low dose Naltrexone taken daily or one hour before  reprocessing traumatic memories.

Bilateral stimulation used in EMDR  permits a person to process traumatic events,directing  the brain  to quite miraculously  organize the parts of the traumatic event, reprocess these parts, and ultimately resolve the event so that the brain and nervous system no longer become activated when cued in the present, (a trigger in the present that reminds a person of a past traumatic event).

Since every individual is different and all medications have side effects, it is important to work with a psychiatrist who specializes in treating PTSD. Naltrexone will not be the…

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