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Yoga  is a powerful way to release trauma held in the body. Research from Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk has shown that participation in yoga on a regular basis can actually be just as helpful as other trauma or PTSD treatments.  I recommend yoga as part of a daily diet in combination with EMDR therapy.

Sadly, yoga has become a trend, which means that if you want to enjoy yoga, you might feel pressured to join a club. This is not yoga. Look for a yoga class where the instructor isn’t worried about the their image. Look for low profile classes in your community center or gym. The more bling bling,  loud, or in your face the yoga center, the more likely the focus is on business rather than healing.

To obtain the benefits, you do not need to spend a lot of money. I was doing yoga in the seventies with my mother in our living room. It didn’t cost either of us a dime, other than the cost of the video.

To obtain the benefits of yoga, you do not need a trauma yoga instructor who will charge you more money. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. While a yoga instructor who understands the principles of trauma healing might be helpful, it isn’t necessary that your yoga instructor be trauma trained. The benefits of healing that comes from yoga happen whether or not your yoga instructor got their Phd in trauma treatment.

Hot yoga can be dangerous for some people. Do you have high blood pressure? Asthma, or diabetes? Hot yoga is a fad of this decade. You do not need to participate in hot yoga to obtain the healing benefits of yoga.  One can easily enjoy the benefits of  yoga in their own home with a video and a mat in their living room. If you want to begin healing now begin yoga today.


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