calm place

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Calm Place~

This is a place that you go to in your mind’s eye. It’s a quiet place. It’s a place you have been to in your adult life or a place that you have made up that when you think of it, you feel calm.

It could be in nature, a different planet, a home, a place with your pet, a place you have made up.

Many people struggle with visualization at the beginning of this exercise. Don’t stop. Just keep practicing visiting your calm place. Eventually, your calm place will become quite vivid.

This is a resource that you will visit when doing EMDR


Your Army of Protectors

Who is in your corner? Who really loves you and you know it? Who do you admire? Who would you like to be in your life? Who would protect you and you know it?
A loving family member?
A pet
A partner
A best friend
A sponsor
An angel
A fairy
A good witch
A superhero
A movie star
A singer
Action figure

Invite your team along. When we bring your team in, processing generally is smoother.

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