social media policy




Due to confidentiality concerns and my duty to keep your information confidential, I have a blanket policy where I will not communicate with you through my blog.  For example, if you are struggling and need to speak to me, you can do this in person.

You can also  contact your local crisis line at 604 872 3311.  

Alternatively,  you  can  visit online chat for crisis at : Crisis Center

You can contact Access and Assessment Services ( Formally Mental Health Emergency)  604 875  8289

You can also visit your local emergency should you find yourself in distress.

Due, to confidentiality concerns, and  possible identifying information, I may not approve your comment, and in some cases I may not respond to your comments.  Please do not take this personally.

This is for your protection. If you are a client, I will speak to you  in person at an arranged appt about my blog.

Many Thanks

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